Rotarians do charity in two ways: We raise money for local and international charitable causes, and we roll up our sleeves to help out with projects.  Don’t forget to check our upcoming events calendar — you might be able to catch a talk by one of the charities or partners listed below!

Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club's Multi-Faceted Community Support Makes Waves

Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club has been actively backing a diverse array of projects across our city, spanning from educational initiatives to inclusive events and environmental endeavors.

Among our notable contributions, the club has been a steadfast supporter of The Brightwell, also known as The MS Therapy Centre, offering vital assistance to individuals battling multiple sclerosis. Additionally backing of Swifts Inclusive Swimming Galas underscoring our commitment to ensuring accessible recreational opportunities for all members of the community.

In the realm of youth development, we have been a beacon of support, sponsoring events such as the Rotary Young Artist and Young Musician competitions, as well as facilitating enriching experiences for young individuals through initiatives like Kids Out and Barton Camp. Many of these beneficiaries, often from underprivileged backgrounds, are granted rare opportunities to explore and thrive outside their usual circumstances.

Moreover, the club's involvement in nurturing young talent extends to programs like the Rotary Youth Leadership initiatives and STEM technical challenges in schools, demonstrating a holistic approach to empowering the next generation.

We acknowledge environmental sustainability with active participation in initiatives organized by Bristol Waste to educate schools about recycling. This extends beyond local borders, symbolised by the planting of thousands of crocus bulbs throughout the city, symbolising Rotary's global campaign against polio.

One particularly remarkable partnership is with The Bridge Learning Campus in Hartcliffe. Through daily breakfast provisions, Christmas celebrations, and assistance with essentials like uniforms and IT equipment, our Rotary Club has become an indispensable ally in the educational journey of students. Our commitment to mentoring those with complex special educational needs (SENs) underscores our dedication to inclusive education and maximizing the potential of every student.

Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club's unwavering commitment to community service exemplifies the power of collective action in fostering a more inclusive, supportive, and vibrant society. As our multifaceted efforts continue to ripple across Bristol, and as Rotarians we believe in the example of the positive impact grassroots initiatives can have on communities at large.