Rotarians do charity in two ways: We raise money for local and international charitable causes, and we roll up our sleeves to help out with projects. Don’t forget to check our upcoming events calendar — you might be able to catch a talk by one of the charities or partners listed below!

Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club's Global Outreach Initiatives Transforming Lives Overseas

Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club continues to extend its benevolent reach far beyond local borders, spearheading an impressive array of international projects aimed at uplifting communities and promoting sustainable development across the globe.

One of the club's flagship endeavors is its unwavering financial support for Rotary's Global fund for the End Polio Now campaign, a vital initiative in the global fight against the debilitating disease.

In Africa, our club's impact is palpable, with contributions to organisations like The Carel Du Toit Centre, which provides crucial support to deaf children, and Maji Safi, dedicated to delivering clean water to remote communities through the installation of boreholes. Additionally, our partnership with Tools for Self-Reliance empowers individuals by supplying recycled tools and craft items, fostering self-sufficiency and economic independence.

Venturing into Eastern Uganda, the club's support for 3H – Hours of Human Happiness initiative is making significant strides in improving living conditions in remote areas. Meanwhile, in Cape Town, the club's backing of "I Love Coffee" stands out, as it not only educates but also employs deaf young people, offering them opportunities to thrive in the hospitality industry as baristas, chefs, and more.

In Nepal, collaboration with local Rotary partners has led to the implementation of an innovative electric cooking initiative, mitigating health risks associated with indoor wood fire cooking. A substantial Global Grant application is already providing a sustainable solution to this pressing environmental challenge. Furthermore, the club's support extends to vocational training and transportation assistance for students, as well as empowering women entrepreneurs through the sponsorship of sales carts in Kathmandu.

On a global scale, the Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club stands in solidarity with Disaster Aid Europe, providing crucial aid to regions ravaged by natural disasters, including Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and Ukraine. Additionally, our support for the provision of water survival boxes underscores our commitment to addressing urgent humanitarian needs worldwide.

Through these diverse and impactful initiatives, Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club continues to exemplify the spirit of international cooperation and humanitarianism, demonstrating that positive change knows no boundaries. As our efforts reverberate across continents, they serve as a beacon of hope and solidarity in an increasingly interconnected world.