Maji Safi - Meaning clean water

Maji Safi

British Woman's Near-Tragedy Leads to Remarkable Acts of Kindness in Kenya

In 1997, Linda Greenland from Bristol faced a life-altering incident while vacationing in Kenya. Struck unconscious by a falling tree branch in Timbwani, near Mombasa, Greenland found herself in a hospital bed surrounded by the unexpected kindness of local villagers. Moved by their compassion during her three-week recovery, Greenland resolved to dedicate herself to improving the lives of the community that had shown her such generosity.

Linda Greenland has spearheaded efforts through her Maji Safi charity, raising over £1.2 million to build two schools and two nurseries in the region. Her journey from tourist to philanthropist has transformed the village, providing education to well over 900 children who otherwise may have been deprived of it.

Reflecting on her experience, Linda remarked, "I had plenty of time to think, and it made me realise that this was happening for a reason and I could help these people." Her commitment to the cause has been unwavering, with her charity providing essentials such as school uniforms, textbooks, and even clean water through borehole projects.

The impact of Linda’s work extends beyond education, as her projects also support local employment opportunities and sustainable income generation through initiatives like poultry farming and breeding goats and ducks. Furthermore, Maji Safi's support has facilitated higher education for numerous students and provided essential aid to needy families and orphans.

The list of projects during the past 12 months is quite astonishing

Paying the wages for  3 teachers  at "Inspirations Primary School" -  Shika adabu".  Providing casual employment for local people including 3 local Kenyan project workers to oversee all projects. The building of new school toilet block.  The purchasing of uniform, P.E. kits; shoes, textbooks, storybooks & school equipment including desks, tables, chairs etc for pupils and schools where possible. Continuing with the community project breeding 900 chickens for sale & increase layers to 350 - this project alone employs local villagers who also grow local produce to feed families and sell the surplus. The digging and commissioning of 2 boreholes to provide clean water to local communities & schools. Purchasing materials &equipment to supply re usable sanitary products for young girls including health & menstrual education to both boys and girls

Local people in Timbwani Village in Kenya now have access to clean water. Bristol Breakfast Rotary club helped sponsor the drilling of a borehole to provide clean water to villagers through Maji Safi. .

The drilling is undertaken by local engineers after a thorough survey of the water table to find a safe site that is easily accessible for men, women and children.
Our International lead,  Bob Sommers said ' before the borehole was drilled local people had to walk several miles every day to get water, which was often dirty and disease-ridden. Having a clean water borehole in the village is healthier, safer, and enable villagers and children  to have more time for work and education'
Bristol Breakfast Rotary club supports a number of international projects in Kenya, Uganda, and Nepal.

Linda Greenland's efforts have not gone unnoticed in her hometown. The Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club has rallied behind her cause, even granting her an honorary membership in recognition of her extraordinary contributions to humanity.

As Linda's story continues to inspire, she remains steadfast in her mission, embodying the spirit of compassion and resilience that knows no borders. Stay tuned for updates on Linda Greenland's ongoing journey of hope and transformation.