Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club Celebrates £100,000 Milestone in Overseas Donations in 2024.

In a heartwarming display of generosity and commitment to global impact, Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club has reached a significant milestone, with donations to overseas projects in Developing Countries hitting the £100,000 mark in 2024. This achievement has been made possible through strategic partnerships and the support of Global grants.

Club President Geoff Mayell expressed his profound satisfaction, stating, "This is an amazing achievement for our club. It's a testament to the dedication and generosity of our members and supporters."

Over the past decade, the Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club has been instrumental in funding various projects aimed at improving the lives of individuals and communities across the globe. Some of the notable initiatives include:

  • Drilling of boreholes in Kenya: Providing access to fresh water for villagers, thereby addressing a fundamental need for health and sanitation.
  • Distribution of single hob electric cookers in Pokhara, Nepal: Promoting healthier living environments and combating deforestation by offering sustainable cooking solutions.
  • Provision of shoes for children in Uganda: Protecting vulnerable young ones from the threat of Jigger worms and ensuring their overall well-being.
  • Support for the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town: Equipping the centre to better serve children born with hearing loss, enhancing their educational opportunities and quality of life.
  • Educational sponsorship for students in Nepal and South Africa: Investing in the future by empowering young minds through access to education.
  • Empowerment of women in Kathmandu: Providing sales carts to enable women to participate in local markets, fostering economic independence and entrepreneurship.
  • Contributions to Rotary International's 'End Polio' project: Playing a vital role in the global effort to eradicate polio through the distribution of vaccines.

These projects not only address immediate needs but also pave the way for long-term sustainable development in the communities served.

Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club extends its gratitude to all partners, donors, and supporters who have contributed to this remarkable achievement. With their continued support, the club remains committed to making a positive difference in the world and uplifting lives across borders