Special Guest Luna Raises Funds for Bristol North Food Bank

Special Guest Luna Raises Funds for Bristol North Food Bank

Last year during breakfast we had the pleasure of hosting a very special guest, Luna, a remarkable 10-year-old who is making waves with her altruistic endeavors in support of the Bristol North Food Bank.

At just eight years old, Luna made a selfless decision to forgo her birthday presents for the second consecutive year, opting instead to support her local food bank. Rallying friends and family, Luna urged them to contribute to local food banks, setting a heartwarming example of compassion and generosity.

In a display of extraordinary determination, Luna embarked on an ambitious fundraising campaign last year, swimming the entire length of the English Channel within the confines of her local swimming pool in Stoke Bishop. Completing a staggering 2,276 laps, Luna covered approximately 21 miles, all in the name of aiding the Bristol North West Food Bank. Her efforts yielded over £600 in donations, providing crucial support to those in need.

Undeterred by the challenges, Luna continued her philanthropic pursuits in 2022 with the "Luna’s End to End Cycle Challenge," once again raising funds for her local food bank, ensuring assistance during the festive season.

This year, Luna has embraced a novel challenge for 2023 - the "Jumping Bean" challenge. Throughout the month of November, Luna committed to completing 1,000 jumps daily on her pogo stick, totalling an impressive 30,000 jumps. Her unwavering dedication to fundraising exemplifies the power of individual initiative in creating positive change within the community. 

Luna began the challenge on 1 November 2023 and jumped 30,000 times over the course of the month in her home, whilst wearing a Heinz beans costume. "It helps [the foodbank] out. If you give the money to them, they can get the essentials", she said.

A spokesperson from the Bristol North West Foodbank said: "Luna is a fearless and passionate advocate for the foodbank - she exemplifies our volunteer role of 'Junior Champion' and is an inspiration and encouragement for many of the adults involved with the foodbank."

To support Luna in her ongoing fundraising efforts for the Bristol North West Food Bank, you can contribute through the following link: Luna's Jumping Bean Challenge

Let us join together in applauding Luna's compassion and determination, as she continues to inspire us all with her acts of kindness and generosity.