On 3 November 2021,ColinShurrock gave an update to the Club of a number of projects that have been undertaken by the Club since 2010. The event included reports from Bhagrathi Yogi and Binod Koirala of the Pokhara Fishtail Rotary Club.

0.00     Start – Colin Shurrock of Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club gives back to Nepal

2.11     Bhagrathi Yogi, Multimedia journalist formerly with the BBC summarises some of the challenges faced by Nepal

7.16     Binod Koralia of Rotary Club of Pokhara Fishtail gives welcome from his club, details of Covid outbreak and details of buying a motorbike for Ashsish

11.30   Colin Shurrock summarises some of the twelve projects undertaken by Bristol Breakfast Rotary club in Nepal since 2010

12.30   Baraburi School Tiffin Fund

13.45   Rebuilding Prithvirupa Secondar School after the earthquake

15.20   Support for women and children with sales carts in Kathmandhu

21.55   Prospective project to reduce loss of life from household air pollution caused by smoky stoves

31.35   Thanks from Ashish

You can watch full details here.