Quarterly Club Update: News & Events from Our Committees

This year’s current president Derrick Royall, pictured left on a volunteer project in Nepal, held a quarterly update at this morning’s breakfast meeting. Each committee gave an update on their projects and activities.

In brief, the points were:

1. Have some fun!

2.Return to normality

3.Find the right home

4.Help with Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

5.21st Century Rotary

New Year, New Direction, New Venue

As a club, we’ve felt the effects of the global pandemic acutely. Fundraising has been a challenge in today’s economy as well as holding meetings in-person.

If you aren’t familiar wtih Rotary, the cornerstone of the international charity’s activities is meeting up for a meal (usually lunch) on a workday, chatting with fellow club members, planning fundraising activities, and being presented with information from charities or club members or other speakers. (To see a list of our upcoming speakers and events, visit our Calendar).

We discussed initiatives to recruit more members and plans to start a hybrid meeting layout, some weeks in-person and some weeks online — and also offering the in-person meetings online via live stream. The staff at The Folk House in Bristol have been wonderful at arranging these live stream hybrid meetings and helping with audio-visual equipment.

Updates from Committees

Barton Camp

After 2 years of waiting and keeping in touch with Barton Camp and the young carers association, Terry Willis as the comvoc lead has finally come up with the good news that 8 young carers are going to Barton Camp at ½ term

Bristol Waste nothing school challenge

Following the huge success of last year’s waste challenge, to educate and encourage school pupils and their families to reduce waste and recycle more at home, with the winners getting a  prize funded by The Rotary Club of Bristol Breakfast, we are again supporting this event where 3,000 families from several Primary schools are taking this challenge up. Mike Blott has been the comvoc lead on this.

We are acknowledged In the Web site  for our participation.

Young Musician

After a 2 year absence Anthony Alderton the comvoc lead has finally announced this is taking place on the 19th November where members of the club will help and support this event.

Brightwell MS centre

Comvoc through an emergency funding request managed to donate £1,000 to support the building of a café at the centre. This funding will be tripled by the BIG Give in December and meaning an increased contribution value of £3,000.

crocuses crocus flower planted in bristol for polio awareness

Croci flowers planted by our club in Canynge Square, Bristol to raise awareness for the End Polio campaign.

Crocus planting

Again, led by Geoff Mayell we have 3000 crocus to plant at Bridge leaning Campus in the next few weeks. Geoff has led this project from the start and we have a potential avenue of trees and flowers to cheer up a bland space. The school children take great pleasure In participating in the planting and seeing the fruits of their toil in the spring.

Knowle West cycle area

Mike Blott took a team to visit the proposed site 2 weeks ago and we continue to Investigate potential help in getting this project underway

Bridge Learning Campus Breakfasts

Another year of support to over 200 children daily who enjoy a bagel with jam and or honey each morning. This contribution of £500 per term is crucial to enable these children to start the day with food in their bellies, without our help they would go hungry.

Leadership and Management Programme (LAMP)

The Rotary Club of Bristol Breakfast are pioneering a winter term programme for 15 special education needs pupils, with the aim of them attaining a level 2 NVQ or and a Rotary participation certificate. Geoff Mayell, Mike Blott, Debbie Rogan, Mark Colfer Richard Bretton, Kate Skillman, John Whittaker, Bob Whittington and Alan Rogan are spending most Tuesdays with the pupils leading them through a leadership/management project. Funding for this has been provided by the club In the sum of £1500.

Sue Pietersen Updated Us on the International Committee

  • District Grant for Electric Cooking Project in Rural Nepal
  • Maji Safi – donation request to Council to approve £1,000 for finish the inside of 2 classrooms that Ashton Park students built when they last visited pre Covid. It is estimated that £2,400 is required to finish the project.  Maji Safi have already raised approximately £800.
  • ROKPA’S Support for Women’s Sales Carts Kathmandu, Nepal. It is hoped that our club can fund 2 such carts and have feedback on the progress of the families. Look below for a picture of one of the sales carts. Hopefully the children Involved will eventually be able to attend school.

The cost to purchase each cart with opening stock is approximately £230, so our total cost would be £460. To date, 53 carts have been launched with the support of ROKPA with extremely positive results for the families Involved.

We then also discussed more club matters such as breakfast attendance and particulars provided by our new Club Accountant Bob Whittington.